Our chapter likes to make everything easy. We organize different committees to work together on different activities or events, throughout our year.


Social Committee

Chairman: Josie Keck

The Social Committee schedules socials to get all of our chapter together to just mingle with everyone and to have fun. 

Test Plot committee

Chairman: Joe Sullivan

The test plot committee consists of all of the members that would like to be a part of our test plot. They have meetings to talk about the progress of our test plot and then in the spring they plant and in the fall they will harvest the corn. 

Member Spotlight Committee 

Chairman Hannah Koch

The member spotlight committee spotlights our members when their Birthdays come around or when they have been doing things to better our FFA chapter. 

Youth Educators Committee

Chairman: Emma Lindeland

The Youth Educators are the members that organize different activities to do with younger kids. With these activities there is a lot of learning that goes on and sometimes even hands on stuff for the younger kids to do. 

History Committee

Chairman: Hannah Bates

The History committee searches and shares information with our chapter about the history of our FFA chapter. They have done a good job at finding old pictures and facts about our Chapter.

Fruit Sales Committee

Chairman: Mary Ann Fox

The Fruit Sales Committee is set up to help keep it not so hectic when fruit season roles around. They also makes goals for everybody. The goal for returning sellers is $400 and the goal for first time sellers is $300. They are there to help members during the selling season to understand more about it or to help with the numbers as it can be a handful. 

Fair Committee

Chairman: Mary Ann Fox

The Fair Committee is a group of members that want to help get as many members as they can talked into showing at the the fair along with talking members into working their shifts they are supposed to during the fair. The more members we have working in the FFA Stand the more smoothly the days go. 

Community Service Committee

Chairman: Andrew Thyer

The Community Service Committee is a group of members that want to help our chapter get their name out. They would like to have at least one community service project during the school year that impacts the Osage Community. They organized our water and cheer station for the main to main run.  They also talked with the community daycare and set up a time where our members could help them move all of the stuff from the old daycare to their newly built facility. 

Alumni Committee

Chairman: Whitney Hemann

The Alumni Committee reaches out to our alumni to keep them up to date with changes in our FFA chapter. They enjoy learning about what we do and being involved in our chapter.

Member Recruitment Committee

Chairman:Ben Popp

The member recruitment committee is a group of members that work to get 8th graders interested in joining FFA and taking an ag class.  During the year this committee shows a presentation informing 8th graders on what to expect when joining FFA.  They also have an 8th grade Ag Fun Night.  During this night there are games and activities related to ag. 

FFA Week Committee

Chairman: Karlie Wagner

The FFA Week committee works together throughout the fall to come up with activities that the chapter can do during FFA Week.  FFA Week is held the third week of February every year.  This committee tries to have and activity planned for every day of FFA Week.  They try to get not just the FFA members, but the whole student body to interact with the activities.

Greenhouse Committee 

Chairman: Gwen Voaklander

The Greenhouse Committee is working on designing and then actually building a greenhouse for our chapter to have an inside garden.  This committee plans to visit different schools to look at the different types of greenhouses are in North Iowa. 

Contest Committee

Chairman: Meirick Huffman 

The Contest Committee makes a list of all the contests that people can compete in.  They then brainstorm themselves on who they think would be a good candidate for the contest.  After they have this all brainstormed, they go to everyone that they brainstormed and try talking them into competing in the contest.  

We are so excited that you are here and learning more about the Osage FFA!

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