Supervised Agriculture Experience

Supervised Agriculture Experiences (SAE) are a vital part of the ag ed program. 
We are constantly trying to improve our member's SAE projects.
Look below to learn more about types of SAEs and common ones in our chapter.

4 Types of SAE Projects


Placement SAEs involve the student working for an agriculture based company. These experiences may be paid or un-paid.


Examples would include working on a

  • Farm supply store

  • Local ag business

Students with an entrepreneurship SAE own their own agriculture operation.


A few examples would include

  • Raising and selling animals or crops

  • Building and selling agricultural equipment


This SAE activity is usually beginner level, short term and designed to help students learn more about agriculture and possible careers. 

Examples would include:

  • Shadowing an ag professional

  • Interviewing an ag professional

In a research SAE students plan and conduct major agricultural experiments using the scientific process and discover new knowledge.


Examples would include conducting research on

  • Efficient feed supplements for livestock

  • Consumer reactions to agricultural products

Our SAE Examples

Foundational Highlight

Alexis M. interviewed and job shadowed the local vet


Entrepreneurship Highlight

Kourtney owns and operates a breeding beef operation. 

gwen's bees.jpg

Entrepreneurship Highlight

Gwen owns a bee hive and collects honey.

Placement Highlight

Garrett M. works at "O YA Grey Hounds"

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I learn more about SAE's?

I don't have an SAE, what one can I do?

Why is SAE important?

It gives hands on experience and relates back to classroom and FFA.

What opportunity does having a good SAE give me?

It helps you gain experience. In order to receive your Iowa and American Degree having a good SAE is required. 

How do I work on my SAE?

You will need to keep up your record book. Some class time will be spent on it, but may need to do more.